Computer Systems Group

The Computer Systems group manages the servers needed to provide infrastructure services, adopting procedures to ensure efficient continuity of service (clustering and disaster recovery). Our group is responsible for:
  •  Monitoring and managing the Linux servers required to provide IT infrastructure services.
  •  Ensuring continuity of service for the Linux servers: monitoring, logging and disaster recovery.
  •  Monitoring and managing the Linux servers needed to provide IT infrastructure services.
  •  Ensuring service recovery of the Windows servers: backup and restoring.
  •  Monitoring and managing the essential servers for accreditation, authentication, IT authorisation and management of the IT labs: GIA and Livenet.
  •  Monitoring and supporting the basic management of HPC scientific computing servers and clustered Web and Intranet servers.

Servizi gestiti da Computer Systems Group

Giovanni Bianco
Via dell’Artigliere 19 - 37129 Verona


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