Risk Prevention and Transparency Group

Our group overseas activities concerned with the transparency of administrative actions and risk management, primarily with regard to legal and security issues in data processing and privacy. We also prepare documents relating to the organisational performance cycle. Our duties include:
  • Providing support to the Head of the Corruption Prevention and Transparency (RPCT) and the university structures for risk analysis and the subsequent reengineering phases, as well as monitoring for corruption prevention, transparency and the security of processed data.
  • Fulfilling the requirements related to corruption prevention and transparency policies, including preparing planning and reporting documents for these activities.
  • Monitoring compliance with the necessity to publish online pursuant to the rules on administrative transparency.
  • Coordinating and supporting the Data Protection Officer (DPO) and university structures in fulfilling the requirements regarding the protection and security of personal and sensitive data.
  • Managing requirements related to requests for access to documents and civic data.
  • Managing requirements concerning the organisational performance cycle, including preparing planning and reporting documents for these activities.

Servizi gestiti da Risk Prevention and Transparency Group

Marco Dal Monte
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