Institutional Affairs

We draft the university’s visibility policies, institutional practices and risk management policies

We create and implement the university’s communication strategies, manage the administrative support for academic bodies, assess risk areas and design prevention and mitigation measures for the risks identified.
Our office designs and organises communication strategies to promote the university’s image both offline and online, including through social media. On an operative level, we have a communication plan that includes media relations, digital strategies, web design and content management, and organise events to highlight the university’s teaching and research. These events are designed to involve the academic community, local organisations and internal stakeholders (students, professors, and technical and administrative staff).
We oversee processes and procedures to manage the university’s management bodies, from planning meetings and drafting minutes to communicating meeting outcomes.
We map the risks that may involve the university in different ways (e.g. health and safety in places of work and study, the treatment and protection of personal data, adherence of the law and the fight against corruption, reputational risk, etc.) and supervise the resulting preventative measures, applying industry standards.

Our office carries out the following functions:

  • Communication
  • General and institutional affairs
  • Risk prevention and transparency
  • Prevention and protection services
  • Legal office 
Elisa Silvestri
Via dell'Artigliere, 8 - 37129 Verona

Unità operative in staff