Human Resources

We Identify, develop and implement staff development activities

The Human Resources Head Office identifies and oversees all the professional skills present at the University of Verona and we strive to develop these skills, regardless of each staff person’s position.
The office’s objectives are to:
  • Plan and monitor all staff recruitments while at the same time assessing the financial resources required
  • Ensure the organisational structure remains coherent with university strategies
  • Establish recruitment procedures for all staff positions
  • Ensure staff have a smooth start and continuing opportunities to learn
  • Ensure compliance with regulations related to the management of staff, including administrative regulations regarding employment contracts, and promote mobility between the various university structures
  • Ensure compliance with regulations concerning work relations with teaching staff, especially for the disciplines connected with the integrated university hospital
  • Plan, create and carry out staff training activities
  • Introduce and establish processes to develop each employee’s skills and abilities
  • Support all university staff in terms of pension.

To achieve these objectives, our office has the following teams:

Human Resources Programming and Development
Technical and Administrative Staff and Recruitment
Teaching Staff and Relationships with Verona Hospital and the National Health System
Giancarla Masè
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