Administration and Finance

We manage the economic and financial planning process, ensuring adherence to the university’s strategic plan.

Our office helps the university’s governing bodies make decisions by providing them with the administrative and accounting data needed to manage the different centres of responsibility. As such, we prepare the operating budget, broken down by responsibility centre, and constantly monitor how it is used. We also prepare the annual financial statement.
Our office’s main responsibility is financial planning, including long-term planning. For this purpose, the budget is an essential tool and we are involved in aggregating all the items of expenditure and revenue coming from the centres of responsibility. We aim to ensure constant and widespread integration between the budgeting process and the accounting flows that lead to the preparation of our financial statements. The bookkeeping for autonomous academic structures is managed by dedicated teams.
Our office has its own dedicated staff who ensure the university’s administrative management complies with tax regulations.
Similarly, we have a team that coordinates and supervises the payment of all fees administered by the University, ensuring tax and social security regulations are adhered to.

Our office carries out the following functions:

University administration
Accounting for Science and Engineering
Accounting for Humanities
Accounting for Medicine and Surgery
Accounting for Economics and Law
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