Bando per l’assegnazione di n. 50 contributi di studio destinati a studentesse/i meritevoli di cui all’art. 1, immatricolande/i per l’a.a. 2022/2023 a corsi di Laurea Magistrale internazionali dell’ateneo. Call for applications for pre-admissions and for the awarding of 50 student support and benefits for students holding a foreign degree for the international Master's Degree a.y. 2022/2023

Studenti International degree-seeking students

Application deadline:

Mar 16, 2022       12:00

Online application

Call for application

Call for applications
Annex 1 - EU citizens and non-EU citizens already living in Italy
Annex 1 - Non-EU Citizens living outside Italy


Date published in the official register
Feb 2, 2022

Result/Ranking lists

Mathematics - Final Ranking
Linguistics - Final Ranking
Languages, Literatures and Digital Culture - Final Ranking
Data Science - Final Ranking
Computer Engineering for Robotics and Smart Industry
International Economics and Business - Final Ranking
Molecular and Medical Biotechnology - Final Ranking
Medical Bioinformatics - Final Ranking
Economics and Data Analysis - Final Ranking