Master's degree in Agri-Food Biotechnology

Programme location: VERONA

The Master Degree in Agri-Food Biotechnology offers a high level professional preparation, which can be employed in research activity and development of processes, products and services in the agri-food production chain.
Graduates will be able to solve and manage problems related to agri-food biotechnologies in a sustainable way, including energy and environmental aspects, as well as to deal with the planning and fulfillment of basic research, applied research and technological transfer projects in the industry.
The course offers the possibility to deepen a wide range of scientific disciplines that include Biochemistry and
Molecular Biology, Plant physiology and nutrition, Plant pathology, Plant genetics, Food science also applied to health, Food and Environmental Microbiology, Industrial processes.
In addition to traditional teaching, the Master Degree includes hands-on teaching methods and many credits of laboratory and experimental internship, thanks to which the student will acquire knowledge and skills essential for the development of a project, by defining goals, strategies for implementation and feasibility, as well as experimental checks.

Master's degree representative: Prof. Luca Dall'Osto
Admission Requirements
Learning objectives
Job opportunities
Course contact person
Luca Dall'Osto
Degree classification:
LM-7 - Classe delle lauree magistrali in biotecnologie agrarie
2 years
Entry type
open access
Teaching administration
Science and Engineering Teaching and Student Services Unit
335 euro
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