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Course catalogue for incoming exchange students

Here you will find a list of all the modules that can be attended by incoming exchange students. Students who want to enroll in single module must check on the Services page - Enrollment in single module if the courses identified in the catalog are also available in this mode.

Please note:

  • when attending a module structured into sections, you will need to take all the exams part of that module (i.e. of all sections) in order to receive the final certificate of completion;
  • for certain modules, attending students are divided into groups and assigned to different module sections based on their surname, therefore make sure you select the module section that applies to you.

Course name Course code Years CFU Site Degree programmes Name of lecturer Period Status
English B1 4S003505-C42
3 VICENZA (VI) Bachelor's degree in Economics, Firms and International Markets
English B1 4S003505-W20
6 VERONA (VR) Bachelor's degree in Social Work
English B1 4S003505-N20
3 VERONA (VR) Bachelor’s degree in Humanities
English B1 4S003505-N22
6 VERONA (VR) Bachelor’s degree in Cultural Heritage
English B1 4S003505-C40
3 VERONA (VR) Bachelor's degree in Economics and Business
English B1 4S003505-W23
6 VERONA (VR) Bachelor's degree in Educational Sciences
English B1 4S003505-W24
6 VERONA (VR) Bachelor's degree in Psychological Sciences for Training and Professional Development
English B1 (CB Test) 4S02842-N21
6 VERONA (VR) Bachelor's degree in Philosophy
English B1 (CB Test) 4S02842-Y20
2 VERONA (VR) Bachelor's degree in Sport and Exercise Science
English B2 4S003512-C78
4 VICENZA (VI) Master’s degree in Management and business strategy