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Here you will find a list of all the modules that can be attended by incoming exchange students, and students enrolled in individual modules. 

Please note:

  • when attending a module structured into sections, you will need to take all the exams part of that module (i.e. of all sections) in order to receive the final certificate of completion;
  • for certain modules, attending students are divided into groups and assigned to different module sections based on their surname, therefore make sure you select the module section that applies to you.

Course name Academic discipline Years CFU Site Course code Degree programmes Online Name of lecturer Period Status
Reporting and cost accounting SECS-P/07 6 VERONA (VR) 4S003754 Master's degree in International Economics and Business Management
Roffia Paolo
from 24/02/2020
to 29/05/2020
Research and modelling seminar (seminar course) MAT/07 6 VERONA (VR) 4S003730 Master's degree in Mathematics
Research inspired laboratory BIO/10 6 VERONA (VR) 4S003669 Master's degree in Molecular and Medical Biotechnology
Giorgetti Alejandro
Risk Management SECS-P/08 6 VERONA (VR) 4S00653 Master’s degree in Economics
Gaudenzi Barbara
from 30/09/2019
to 20/12/2019
Romance philology L-FIL-LET/09 6 VERONA (VR) 4S006118 Master’s degree in Comparative European and Non-European Languages and Literatures
Babbi Anna Maria
from 30/09/2019
to 11/01/2020
Russian linguistics LM 1° 2° 9 VERONA (VR) 4S004048 Master's degree in Linguistics
Magnani Marco
Russian literature for publishing L-LIN/21 6 VERONA (VR) 4S02891 Master’s degree in Publishing and Journalism
Scientific computing (seminar course) MAT/08 6 VERONA (VR) 4S001115 Master's degree in Mathematics
from 02/03/2020
to 12/06/2020
Semantics and pragmatics L-LIN/01 6 VERONA (VR) 4S007303 Master's degree in Linguistics
Delfitto Denis
from 23/09/2019
to 31/10/2019 from 11/11/2019
to 11/01/2020
Slavic Philology L-LIN/21 6 VERONA (VR) 4S006120 Master's degree in Linguistics
Master’s degree in Comparative European and Non-European Languages and Literatures
Artoni Daniele
from 30/09/2019
to 11/01/2020