Preventive measures: closure of the University and suspension of teaching activities



27 March 2020, 3.50 PM

Doctors in specialist training - clarification

It is hereby specified that doctors in specialist training (‘specializzandi’ in Italian) in their fourth and fifth year who are hired by the Italian National Health Service pursuant to Decree Law no. 14 of 9 March 2020, shall not lose any rights with regard to their specialisation programme, as set out in the same decree.

The Rector
Pier Francesco Nocini

27 March, 8.30 AM

Repatriation flights to Italy: updates from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Updates from the Covid-19 Task Force of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, consulted by Crui


Special flights: for the countries from which return flights are most difficult, students are advised that they should contact the relevant Italian embassy or consulate, informing them of their presence and their problems. Indeed, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs can act only when specifically instructed to do so by an Italian diplomatic representation. Students are recommended that they check the Embassy’s website (which is constantly updated) regularly and register on the website “Dove siamo nel mondo”, entering their contact details: by downloading the relevant app they will also be able to receive text messages and push notifications with real-time updates.


Return flights with a stopover in Germany: it is essential to book flights that arrive and depart from the same airport. In Germany at present it is not possible to move from one airport to another. Only in case of emergency you may contact the relevant Italian embassy or consulate, asking for assistance. The list of Italian diplomatic representations in Germany is on the MAECI website: please take note of the contact details of Italian embassies or consulates in the country where the flight stops (especially in Germany).

23 March 2020, 7.15 PM

Regulations governing access to labs for PhDs, scholarship and research grant holders

As set out in the notice published on this web page last Friday, research grant holders, and all those who do not have an employment relationship with the University (e.g. PhD students, scholarship holders, students attending for dissertation work, graduates, etc.) are not allowed to access University premises and facilities. 

As an exception to the above, and only if circumstances of extraordinary necessity arise, PhD students, scholarship and research grant holders may still have access to laboratories only, provided they have been previously authorised by their Academic Supervisor. As a result of the recently introduced decree, which aims to further restrict the movement of people, while recognising education and research activities among the essential activities for which suspension is not required, it is understood that it cannot be left to the Academic Supervisor alone to determine who can access the laboratories.

Therefore, a form is now available with which the Academic Supervisor, after a thorough evaluation of the research projects in progress, can request to the Rector and to the relevant Director of Department the authorisation to enable a member of their staff (PhDs, scholarship and research grant holders) to access the laboratory in question. When making a request for authorisation, it must be taken into account that, although the physical presence of certain individuals in the laboratory may be essential in order not to undermine the ongoing research project, this must be as limited as possible, both in time and extent. 

The authorisation by the Director of Department and the Rector is necessary to access, also in general terms, how many people are attending the University’s facilities and, if necessary, to deny access if too many people are requesting authorisation at the same time. 



20 March 2020, 2 pm

Press Conference at the Municipality of Verona

The Rector, Pier Francesco Nocini, today joined the live-streamed press conference held by the Mayor of Verona, Federico Sboarina, on the current health emergency.

The Rector urged everyone to comply with the Mayor's directives for the common good at such a challenging time.

  Link al video




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6 March, 5 pm Note from Minister Gaetano manfredi
6 March, 1 pmUniversity’s seminars, conferences, and events open to the general public to be suspended until 3 April 2020
5 March, 6.30 pm'Smart work' (Working from home) scheme for technical and administrative staff to be extended until 15 March
4 March, 7.15 PMThe Italian government has suspended all university teaching activities in Italy until Sunday 15 March
4 march, 7.00 PM State examinations for the professional qualification to practise as a doctor/surgeon: new date for the second session released
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23 february, 3.25 PM Rectors' announcement on suspension of activities
22 February, 9:56 PM Suspension of activities

N.B. please find below the notice for Students on the Covid-19 emergency by ESU Verona

In order to comply with the preventive measures established by the Veneto Region, and waiting for updates about the spread of infection from Coronavirus, from Sunday 23 February until further notice ESU Verona will temporarily close:
1. all its canteens, cafeterias and related premises;
2. all study halls.

Only authorised people will be allowed to stay in the residences, no external guests will be allowed to access the ESU premises.
All students residing in ESU accommodation are advised that, in case of illness, respiratory symptoms or fever, they should contact the switchboard of Corte Maddalene at 045 8052881, available 24/7, which will immediately contact the relevant health authorities for the appropriate interventions.
We recommend that you follow the rules above for the well-being and protection of all individuals.
Thank you for your cooperation.

#IoRestoaCasa – FAQs on the preventive measures set out by the Italian Government

Official guidelines and FAQs on the new preventive measures set out by the Italian Government, and currently in force in Italy.
Link: official website of the Italian Government, - Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri


pursuant to DPCM - Prime Ministerial Decree of 1 March 2020, Annex 4

Coronavirus Info Studenti

Informazioni utili e disposizioni dell'Ateneo per studenti, dottorandi e specializzandi Vai