Il tuo 5 per mille all'Università di Verona

Make a donation with your ‘5x1000’

Supporting us with a donation through your tax return (the so-called ‘5x1000’) is easy. When filling in your income tax return, just enter the tax code below and sign in the space ‘Finanziamento della ricerca scientifica e della università’ (Funding of scientific research and universities):

Codice fiscale (Tax Code):  93009870234

In 2020, citizens' donations will be used to promote research and support students once the Covid-19 emergency is over.

In this context, the University of Verona is committed not only to providing scientific support, but also to supporting students, and their families, who will face difficulties as a result of the Coronavirus emergency. To this end, the University is ready to put in place all possible measures and student support initiatives.

With your help, we'll be able to do more and do it better.

Fondi raccolti negli scorsi anni
Anno Fondi 5xmille
2022 €  94.108 
2021 €  91.614 - Rendiconto
2020 € 99.212 - Rendiconto
2019 € 85.388 - Rendiconto
2018 € 82.266 - Rendiconto

How to support us with your ‘5x1000’

  • fIll in the ‘5 per mille’ section. This can be found in the ‘modello 730’, the ‘modello CU (Certificazione Unica)’, and the ‘Modello Redditi Persone Fisiche';
  • sign in the space Finanziamento della ricerca scientifica e della università (Funding of scientific research and universities)
  • enter the tax code of the University of Verona: 93009870234.


modello 730

Please note that you can support us with your 5x1000 even if you don’t need to submit an income tax return, i.e. if you only have the ‘modello CU’ form provided by your employer or pension provider. To do so, simply fill out the form and submit it - in a sealed envelope by the same deadline as for the submission of the income tax return (modello REDDITI Persone Fisiche 2020) - in one of the following ways:

  • at a post office, which will forward the document to the Italian Revenue Agency (the service is free of charge); or
  • through an intermediary authorised for telematic transmission (accountant, tax assistance centre - CAF, etc.), who must provide you with a receipt of submission, even if not requested to do so.


Please include the following wording on the envelope: "scelta per la destinazione dell'otto, del cinque e del due per mille dell’Irpef” and write your surname, name and tax code. The form must then be sent in full even if you decide to complete only one of the available sections (8x1000, 5x1000, or 2x1000 of the IRPEF tax). Please note that you can also submit this form online.