Withdrawing from studies


What does withdrawing from studies mean?

If you withdraw from your studies, it means you're leaving your degree programme completely, with no intention of returning at a later date. You may submit a request for withdrawal at any time: please note that this is unconditional and will irrevocably bring your relationship with the University to an end. 

How can I withdraw from my studies?

You can submit your request on Esse3 by clicking on ‘Carriere’ > ‘Domanda di chiusura’. Once you have completed the procedure, the system will automatically generate a form for the payment of the €16 stamp duty (imposta di bollo). Please note that your request will only be considered valid once you have made your payment. For further information on how to submit your request for withdrawal, read the relevant guide.

What does withdrawing from studies entail?

If you withdraw from your studies, you will still need to pay any outstanding tuition fees, to be determined based on when you submit your request.

Following withdrawal, you will not be entitled to a refund of the fees and contributions already paid, while the obligations to pay the instalments due before the official withdrawal date from a.y. 2021/2022 shall remain, as well as the financial obligations relating to sanctions or forfeiture of any financial benefits (e.g. scholarships) already received, as set out in Art. 14 of the University’s Regulations on student fees.

Once your application has been accepted and your student status has been terminated, your relationship with the University of Verona will come to an end. Withdrawing students shall not be permitted to carry out any academic activities or to use the University’s teaching and administrative services, with the exception of requests relating to academic transcripts and certificates.

Upon withdrawal from their studies, students shall not be entitled to a refund of the fees and contributions already paid. However, they will be free from any financial obligation towards the University with regard to tuition fees to be paid after the date of their official withdrawal from studies.

Withdrawing from your studies doesn’t mean that you won’t be allowed to enrol again at the University of Verona. Any exams passed before your withdrawal will remain recorded in our database, and may be certified and recognised as prior learning experiences, should you wish to apply again in the future.

Finally, be aware that withdrawing from your studies will result in your residence permit for study being revoked (MIUR circular no. 1872 of 23 December 2009).


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