Individual modules


Individual modules
If you have an Italian high school diploma or equivalent foreign qualification, and are not yet enrolled in a degree programme at the University of Verona, then you may find it useful to take one or more individual modules that are part of the various degree programmes of the University (both Bachelor’s and Master’s), for one academic year only. By enrolling in an individual module, you will be allowed to take the relevant exams, and obtain the corresponding certification and CFU/ECTS credits. For further information, read the Student Regulations on Individual modules, available at:
Unless otherwise specified in the regulations of each degree programme and depending on what is set out by each Teaching Committee involved, you can take individual modules for a maximum of 30 CFU/ECTS credits per academic year.
You can choose from the modules included in the degree programmes taught at the University, as included in the list ‘3°Elenco insegnamenti approvati DEFINITIVO'.
Please note that it is not possible to choose modules offered as part of the Single cycle/Combined Bachelor+Master’s degree programmes in Medicine and Surgery, Dentistry and Dental Prosthetics, Primary teacher education, and Healthcare Professions courses. Moreover, some modules in the areas of Movement Sciences and Science and Engineering may also not be available as individual modules. To find out whether your chosen module is available, please write to Should you have any doubts about the availability of a module, you can always complete the application form and submit it by e-mail to the University’s office and then wait for confirmation before paying the relevant fees.  
For a.y. 2022/2023, no modules that are part of the first year of the Bachelor’s degree in Educational Sciences will be available as individual modules.
To enrol in an individual module that is part of a Master’s degree, you must hold either a Bachelor’s degree, a three-year university diploma, or a foreign qualification recognised as suitable. Please write to and attach your graduation certificate before paying the relevant enrolment fees.
Should you need any further information about the contents of each module, please contact the Teaching and Student Services Unit of the degree programmes that include the individual module/s that you wish to attend.

Who it’s for
Prospective teachers

Graduates who study to become teachers can take individual modules after their graduation, if they need to enhance their cv in order to meet the entry requirements of specific open competitions for teachers (please go to the official website of the Ministry of Education, University and Research  Ministero dell'Istruzione  to find out more about the SSD - Scientific-Disciplinary Sector for which CFU credits are required in each competition). For further information, please get in touch with the local administrative office for teachers (Ufficio scolastico regionale).
It is also possible to attend individual modules to earn 24 CFU credits in the areas of anthropology, psychology and pedagogy, and in teaching methods and technologies, which is one of the requirements for admission to the Italian open competitions for teachers, pursuant to Ministerial Decree no. 616 of 10 August 2017. Please check the list of modules automatically recognised as 24 CFU elenco degli insegnamenti automaticamente riconoscibili ai fini dei 24 CFU before applying for individual modules and, for further information, the Teacher Training Service (Ufficio Formazione Insegnanti)
Please note: if you wish to enrol in a Postgraduate specialisation programme, you won’t need to enrol in individual modules. For information about admissions and deadlines, please get in touch with the Postgraduate Study and Teacher Training Office (Unità operativa Post Laurea e Formazione Insegnanti).
Graduates, and people intending to take part in open competitions

Graduates holding an Italian qualification awarded under Ministerial Decree no. 509/99 or 270/04 and Master's degree graduates alike may take individual modules after their graduation for training/professional updating purposes, or if they intend to take part in open competitions.
Students who need to take exams before enrolling in a degree programme

Those who have not passed an admission test, or have not enrolled in a degree programme in time, may choose to take one or more individual modules included in the degree programme in question, so as to have these recognised once they enrol.
Please note: the same limit of 30 CFU per academic year applies to this option, and only the modules approved for this purpose by each Teaching Committee can be selected. In any case, recognition of CFU credits shall be subject to specific validation procedures, in accordance with the teaching regulations of the module in the degree programme, also in relation to any prerequisites (if applicable).
Students wishing to enrol in a Master’s degree programme

Graduates who need to enhance their cv in order to meet the entry requirements for access to a Master’s degree programme can take individual modules after their Bachelor’s graduation.
Graduates are advised to check the number of CFU credits in the SSD - Scientific-disciplinary Sectors required for admission to their chosen degree programme. For further information, please contact the Teaching and Student Services Unit of the relevant Master’s degree programme.
How to apply for Individual modules

To find out which modules are available as Individual modules for a.y. 2022/2023, check the list: ‘3°Elenco insegnamenti approvati DEFINITIVO'. You’ll be able to take individual modules for a maximum of 30 CFU/ECTS credits per academic year.
PLEASE NOTE: only the modules listed in the list above will be available as Individual modules. It is not possible to attend modules not included in the above list as individual modules, even if they are provided by the University of Verona.

Once you have chosen the module(s) of your interest, before applying you should check the relevant study programme, the calendar of lectures, any attendance requirements, entry requirements and any other useful information about the module(s). To do so, use the relevant search engine (RICERCA INSEGNAMENTI), which allows you to obtain detailed information about each module. In the ‘academic year’ field please enter the current academic year. Then you are advised to complete one field at a time, according to your needs: either ‘module title’ or ‘SSD - Scientific-Disciplinary Sector’ (in the Advanced search engine). Please note that it is essential to check all of the above before enrolment, as you will not be able to change your individual module once you have enrolled. 
Each module’s details can be found on the relevant Programme’s web page (Study > Modules > Modules per period).
For further information on the organisational aspects of these modules, or about individual modules in general, please contact the Teaching and Student Services Unit  of your area.
Once you have carefully checked all of the above information about your individual module(s), please follow the steps below:

1. Complete your individual module application form (domanda di iscrizione ai corsi singoli). This must be scanned and uploaded as an attachment as part of the online application process;
2. Complete your online application form by logging in to Esse3 with your SPID login details (Menu > Segreteria > Immatricolazione > Immatricolazione (Standard) Corsi ad Accesso Libero > Scelta tipologia corso di studio: please select ‘Corso Singolo’).  (Do NOT select this item if you’re interested in a Postgraduate Sudy programme).
Please complete all the mandatory fields. You will be asked to upload a scanned copy of your ID document and a passport photo (please see: Istruzioni acquisizione foto), as well as a scanned copy of your individual module application form (domanda di iscrizione ai corsi singoli) for academic year 2022/23.
3. Pay the relevant student fees via PagoPA.
4. Wait for confirmation email.  

Please note: you will not receive the confirmation email immediately, since the University’s Offices will need to process and check your documents before confirming your enrolment.
PLEASE NOTE: the number of CFU credits awarded on completion of your individual module(s) will be the total number of CFU credits established for the module(s) in question. In the context of individual modules, individual sections or parts of exams cannot be entered in the student’s exam record. It is not possible to enrol in individual modules other than those offered in the current academic year.
NON-EU Students residing abroad before proceeding with the enrolment must follow the procedures indicated on the International web page and the relevant regulations established by the Italian Ministry of Education, Universities and Research.
Students holding a foreign qualification who wish to apply for individual modules will need to check with the Individual Modules Office whether their qualification is suitable, by sending to the following documents:

a Declaration of value (i.e. a document, which must be officially translated into Italian, certifying that the applicant has completed at least 12 years of schooling); a legalisation certificate; a certificate proving that the applicant has passed an examination for entry to university studies (if applicable). Alternatively, a certificate of comparability (in place of the Declaration of Value) and a certificate of verification (in place of the legalisation certificate) can be requested from Cimea. Only after verification of the validity of the certificate will it be possible to pay the relevant enrolment fees.
Application deadlines

You can apply for one or more of the Individual modules (a.y. 2022/2023) included in the list: ‘3 Elenco insegnamenti approvati DEFINITIVO’ at any time, as long as it is before the end of the modules (31 May 2023), with the only exception of modules requiring mandatory attendance, for which applications will be received until the maximum number of students has been reached. For Sports Science modules, please check the list of approved modules.
Enrolment on individual modules lasts for one calendar year and ends at the end of February of the academic year following that of enrolment.
Students who withdraw from an individual module after the start of the relevant teaching activity shall not be able to claim any reimbursement of the relevant fee paid.

Semester start dates vary depending on the degree programme. Please see the ‘Calendario didattico’ section on the web page of the degree programme which provides the module in question.

Tuition fees

Tuition fees vary depending on the total number of CFU credits for the individual modules you’re applying for, and shall be paid - once the pre-enrolment procedure is complete - as follows:
up to 12 CFU:        € 300;
from 13 to 24 CFU: € 400;
from 25 to 30 CFU: € 700.
 The stamp duty of € 16,00 is also to be paid, which is paid electronically together with the enrolment fee and will be accounted for in the PagoPa system.
Students with a disability or an invalidity may benefit from the reductions or exemptions set out in the University’s regulations on student fees (Regolamento in materia di contribuzione studentesca) by submitting their request to the Inclusion and Accessibility unit (“U.O. Inclusione e Accessibilità”) by the methods indicated at: (before making the payment).

Register for a module exam

You will be able to take a module exam only once all the module lectures have been delivered, regardless of the date of your enrolment. In order to register for exams at the end of the module, you will need to log into the Esse3 student career management system. Please note: you will only be able to log into the system once you are regularly enrolled, and paid the relevant tuition fees.
Your exams will be displayed on your pannello di controllo (dashboard). If these are not automatically displayed, you can use the search bar you’ll find on your Exams dashboard
PLEASE NOTE: you will be allowed to register for an exam only if the exam session is open (for each module the date of opening/closing of the session will be displayed). Once your exam registration is complete, you will be displayed a confirmation message


Enrolment in individual modules


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