The official University of Verona app allows all enrolled students to access the University's main services quickly and easily, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
In addition, thanks to the 'push notifications', you will be able to receive the news and updates that are most relevant to you in real time.
The University of Verona app is available for download in the following online stores:

To manage your study options and access your student information securely, the University of Verona recommends using Esse3 (https://univr.esse3.cineca.it/Root.do;jsessionid=6799D25C7894FA5EEE38068DB11D1678.esse3-univr-prod-06?cod_lingua=eng) or UnivrApp.
Please note that this is the only way to be certain that your personal data is only processed by the University of Verona and by subjects controlled by it, that such data is only processed for institutional purposes and to prevent it from being processed for other purposes, including commercial ones, by third parties who manage non-institutional apps, although available in online stores but over which the University of Verona is unable to exercise any control.

App features
  • Profile  -- your student status, enrolment details;
  • Folder  -- your student documents from the University’s registry;
  • Exam calendar – the exam sessions, exam registrations and student surveys relevant to your modules;
  • Student’s Exam Record – your exams – taken and planned - with statistics (weighted average, arithmetical average, CFU credits);
  • Academic calendar – the University’s academic calendar, including exam sessions;
  • Student Survey – student surveys and questionnaires (New!);
  • Payments – a summary of your tuition fees due and any payments made or outstanding. Here you’ll find the MAV code to make the payment;
  • Messages – from your personal area on ESSE3;
  • Libraries – University libraries’ catalogues and online services (New!);
  • myUNIVR – log into your student intranet and e-learning platform;
  • Webmail – your institutional mailbox;
  • Social – the University’s social media;
  • Web Radio – Fuori Aula Network, the University’s web-radio, website and broadcast schedule;
  • Change your password – online services for University users;
  • Map

Enrolled students can log into the app using their GIA login details.

Contact us

If you need to contact us to report technical problems, for comments or requests for information about this App, please write to: myunivrapp@ateneo.univr.it
For anything relating to your student status and exams, please write to the relevant Teaching and Student Services Unit for your degree programme.