Schools of Specialists Studies in the Health Area

Setting up and activation of Schools of Specialist Studies; management of MIUR database for Schools of Specialist Studies in the health area undertaken jointly with respective ministerial bodies; university career management of students enrolled in the individual schools (preparation of documents and publication of calls for applications, appointment of winners, matriculation, extra places, transfers, issue of degree certificates).

27 marzo 2020, 3.50 PM

Doctors in specialist training - clarification

It is hereby specified that doctors in specialist training (‘specializzandi’ in Italian) in their fourth and fifth year who are hired by the Italian National Health Service pursuant to Decree Law no. 14 of 9 March 2020, shall not lose any rights with regard to their specialisation programme, as set out in the same decree.

The Rector
Pier Francesco Nocini


Policlinico "G.B. Rossi" - Lente Didattica-Piano 0 Scala F- P.le Scuro, 10 37134 Verona. Ricevimento telefonico: dal lunedì al venerdì ore 10-12.


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