Interuniversity Master's degree in Science and Technology of Bio and Nanomaterials

Programme location: VERONA

Science and Technology of Bio and Nanomaterials is a new 2-year postgraduate degree starting this year at Ca' Foscari in collaboration with the University of Verona. We are the first in Italy to offer a programme in these two cutting edge fields in modern science.
The aim of the course is to produce graduates with a solid, multidisciplinary background in physics, chemistry and biology and the expertise to work in positions of great responsibility in managing complex processes such as the design, synthesis and characterisation of materials, including biological substances. The curriculum covers fundamental theory as well as laboratory work on preparing and characterising nano and bio materials. In particular, students will deeped their knowledge of the chemical-physical characteristics, properties, preparation methods and applications of nanostructured materials.
The course brings together Ca' Foscari University's expertise in nanoscience with the University of Verona's strength in biological sciences. Many of the workshops will be held at the Venetian Science and Technology Park (VEGA), is an ideal setting for this cross-fertilisation of ideas and experiences.
Administrative site: Ca’ Foscari University, Venice
Deparment: Molecular Sciences and Nanosystems
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Teaching site: University of Verona
Contact: Dr Massimiliano Perduca
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LM-53 - Classe delle lauree magistrali in scienza e ingegneria dei materiali
2 years
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open entry with test
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Science and Engineering Teaching and Student Services Unit