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The university libraries are located at the Humanities, Economics and Law campus and the Medicine, Science and Technology campus. Library resources in hard copy and electronic format are made available especially for the academic community, but can also be accessed by the general public.
The Library Automation Service manages the IT tools and procedures necessary to develop all the university library services.


Integrated bibliographic research portal


Collective catalogue of the University of Verona

Electronic resources

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Ask a librarian
Personalised assistance for bibliographic and document searches in sources of different formats

Library services

Bibliographic information and research
The service for bibliographic information and database consultation is free and open to everyone who requires personalised assistance for researching bibliographic or documentary materials in various formats.
Frinizi information and bibliographic research

Meneghetti bibliographic information and research
A service performing bibliographic searches for library users' study and research needs. Searches are carried out in the main biomedical, scientific and technology databases. This service is for University of Verona users, university hospital personnel and staff at other sanitary structures that have an agreement with the University of Verona.
Interlibrary services

Frinzi interlibrary services

Interlibrary services for external libraries

Interlibrary services for external users

Meneghetti interlibrary services

Free consultation and loans (the latter requiring registration), apart from examination and reference materials, accessible by all university and external users.
Frinzi loans and browsing
The loans desk is on the 1st floor. Browsing and loans (the latter requiring registration), apart from examination and reference materials, are free and accessible to everyone for a period of 20 days. Loans can be renewed.
Giralibro - University interlibrary loans

Loan returns box

Books, CDs and DVDs borrowed from any of the University of Verona libraries can be returned at one of the three boxes made available by the University Library System.

The boxes are found at the following locations:

  • Cloister next to Frinzi library
  • Medicine and Surgery teaching lens
  • Law building (ground floor)

This is a quick and simple way to return library materials.
The boxes are cleared daily, returns are registered the same day and materials are not damaged in the process.

During the Christmas, Easter and summer holidays when the three libraries who look after this service are closed (A. Frinzi, E. Meneghetti and G. Zanotto libraries), you cannot return library materials using the boxes.

For library opening hours, please check the relevant web pages.

Dove siamo

Meneghetti loans and browsing
For loans and browsing, please ask the staff working in the library entrance foyer. Loans are accessible by everyone. The loan period is generally 20 days, renewable up to a maximum of 9 times consecutively as long as the material has not been requested by any other user. Materials in the Reading room that may be borrowed have a loan period of 7 days, renewable. Requests to renew must be made before the loan expiry date. This can be done online through OPAC, by telephone or in person. You can make a request for library materials that are already on loan through the same methods.
Reference and study rooms
Spaces open to the public for study and reference.
Frinzi periodicals library
The periodicals library, located in the basement, is open to everyone and has 100 seats.
More than 4700 periodical titles, 1750 of which are active subscriptions, are available to consult on the open shelves.
There are self-service photocopy machines and catalogue search stations. UnivrAir wifi is available in the area.
Frinzi reference room
Reading rooms are open to everyone. There are more than 300 places to sit, divided between:
  •  Reference room, level 2. This room has dictionaries, encyclopaedias, codes, manuals and reference material on open shelving.
  •  Reading room, ground floor.



There are self-service photocopy machines and catalogue search stations. There is UnivrAir wifi in the area. 


Meneghetti consultation rooms
Meneghetti library has three large rooms located over three floors, with around 300 places, almost all of which have access to an electrical outlet.
You are free to consult library materials on the open shelves, retrieving them independently and placing them on the trolleys after consultation.
The consultation rooms are open to everyone: students, researchers, university lecturers and staff, Verona hopsital staff and the public. You do not need to be registered in order to consult shelved material.
Meneghetti evening/weekend study room

On evenings and weekends, Meneghetti library keeps a study room open with 46 places and ample electrical outlets, to allow for individual study even when the main library is closed.
The study room, located on the lower level of the library, is freely accessible during normal library opening hours. In the evenings and at weekends, however, it is run by part-time staff and is not connected to the other parts of the library.
The after-hours study room can be used by students, researchers, university lecturers and staff, Verona hospital staff and the public.

Meneghetti multimedia room
The multimedia room is located on the bottom floor of the library and is equipped with stations that are connected to the internet. There are other internet stations available in different areas of the library and other PCs that are reserved for searching in OPAC. The library also has university wifi (UnivAir).

The multimedia room and the internet stations of the library are reserved for bibliographic searches, accessing library resources and uses strictly related to university activities; other uses are not permitted.

The room is open to everyone, including external users.
Tools for research and consultation

Collection of tools for accessing documents and electronic resources available to the University of Verona or locating monographies and periodicals present in the university.


You can search data banks and access the full text of online maagazines and e-books from any workstation outside the university network through the SSL VPN service.  This is managed by the university IT service and allows authorised users to be recognised as belonging to the university network from any workstation they access.


Accesso alle banche dati disponibili per l'Università degli Studi di Verona
E' possibile interrogare le banche dati ed accedere al full-text delle riviste on-line ed e-book  da qualsiasi postazione all'esterno della rete di ateneo attraverso il servizio SSL VPN.  Il servizio, gestito dai Servizi informatici di Ateneo, permette agli utenti autorizzati di essere riconosciuti come appartenenti alla rete universitaria da qualsiasi postazione sia stato fatto l'accesso.

Italian and foreign catalogues

Online journals and e-books

OPAC - University library catalogue
Collective Catalogue of the university (OPAC)

What is OPAC and which libraries are included?

OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog) is the collective, online catalogue of the University of Verona libraries and some significant city libraries.


User training
Courses for library users on how to use the resources available at the university libraries.
Frinzi user training

Meneghetti user training
The library staff organise courses on library services and how to use the most important biomedical and scientific databases (in particular, PubMed).

The structure and duration of the courses vary according to the needs and type of user. Topics may relate to:

- Bibliographic researches in biomedical and scientific databases
- UniVerSe search&read
- University collective catalogue (OPAC) and library services.

Carta dei servizi

Carta dei servizi e degli standard di qualità delle biblioteche


'Arturo Frinzi' Library

Humanities, Economics and Law campus

The Arturo Frinzi library is housed in a former church built in 1596, dedicated to San Francesco di Paola. It was transferred to the state in 1806 and in 1987 became central library of the Humanities, Economics and Law departments. 

The library is open for study and consultation every day of the week until midnight. Between the periodicals room, the reading room and the consultation room, it has almost 500 seats on three floors, all accessible by lift and equipped with free wi-fi.

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'Egidio Meneghetti' Library

Medicine, Science and Technology campus

The Egidio Meneghetti central library is the reference structure for medicine, surgery, mathematics, physics, natural sciences and exercise science.

It is open to students, researchers, trainee health specialists and staff of the university and Verona university hospital. Entry is also permitted to the public.

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