Research projects, activities and opportunities

For us, research is a fundamental element for social and economic development, contributing to progress, wellbeing and social cohesion.
This is why the University of Verona supports quality interdisciplinary research, international collaborations and the sharing of results to benefit our society, culture and economy.

News dalla ricerca

Oltre 2 milioni di euro per capire l’impatto della deindustrializzazione nelle aree alpine e prealpine europee

Con il programma Horizon2020 sono stati erogati, dal 2014 a oggi, 740 milioni alle università italiane. Il Veneto è la prima Regione per contributi procapite

C’è tempo fino al 15 ottobre per i giovani ricercatori in diritto internazionale, che vogliano partecipare a #TILT Young Academics Colloquium, per presentare le proprie proposte di relazioni

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Department research

Among the University of Verona’s strengths are its ability to keep up with cutting-edge research - both pure and applied - and the variety of disciplines involved such research.

The university’s academic departments are essential research structures. There are four macro subject areas which house three departments in Humanities, three departments in Law and Economics, four departments in Life and Health Sciences, and two departments in Sciences and Engineering.


Pubblicazioni recenti


IRIS - Catalogo delle pubblicazioni

Il catalogo IRIS, gestito dal consorzio CINECA, raccoglie tuttte le pubblicazioni scientifiche dell'Università di Verona

Grandi attrezzature di ricerca

Il Centro Piattaforme Tecnologiche gestisce le infrastrutture tecnologicamente all’avanguardia, cui possono accedere sia i diversi gruppi di ricerca dell'ateneo sia le imprese del territorio e gli atenei limitrofi.

Skills and expertise

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Partnerships with universities and research centres

A continually expanding collaboration network

The University of Verona has obtained important awards for its research in all subject areas. Over the years we have achieved significant results on the national and international scene and have formed networks and agreements with many other institutions and the local community. If you want to collaborate with us, get in touch.

Open to worldwide talent

International researchers

Are you a researcher interested in doing research at our university? There are Marie Skłodowoska-Curie individual fellowships, the Rita Levi Montalcini programme and many other programmes that support mobilities for researchers.

Partnerships with companies

Dialogues with the business world

The University of Verona encourages and supports collaboration with companies through projects that involve the use of innovative technologies, highly qualified research staff and specialised structures such as laboratories, spin-offs and research centres.

Work with us

Competitive application announcements

See the page of competitive application announcements for lecturer and research staff positions


Information on our PhD programmes and competitive application announcements

Scholarships and grants

Information on scholarships and grants for study or research.

Researchers from around the world in Verona

Interviews with Marie Curie research grant receivers

Christo Schiphorst is a young Dutch researcher at the University of Verona. His project, focused on photosynthesis, has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie grant agreement No 675006-SE2B. Follow #univrstories to know more about student life in Verona!


The European Social Fund: supporting research and innovation

European funding

Through the European Social Fund (ESF), the Veneto Region supports research projects that allow young researchers to conduct their studies in cooperation with companies and to bring their ideas and results to those companies.

Learn more about ESF applications.

Research funding

The University of Verona invests in research

University grants

The University of Verona supports pure and applied research with local companies and authorities through two specific funding programmes: University grants for pure research, and Joint Projects - University and Companies.

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How to fund your research

Funding for research, and relations with the local community

All the funding opportunities for national and international research activities.

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