Choosing a general doctor

In accordance with the law, University of Verona students who do not reside in Verona may choose a general doctor here, who will temporarily substitute their main doctor where they normally reside. This choice can be activated for a minimum of 3 months up to 1 year, with the possibility of renewal.

To choose a general doctor in Verona, you must be living in a commune in Verona that belongs to ULSS no. 20 and you will need to follow an administrative process:

a) You must be registered at the ULSS/ASL in your place of residence.
b) You must have a cancellation certificate from your doctor in the ULSS/ASL where you reside. If you do not have this, it is possible to self-certify this fact by completing your own cancellation certificate: MOD01 ”Dichiarazione sostitutiva di certificazioni” (downloadable at the bottom of the page). The administrative staff at the office will then check your declaration, since it is compulsory to cancel the doctor in your ULSS/ASL of residence.
c) You must possess a healthcare card from the region where you reside, or a European healthcare card.
d) Complete MOD03 “Iscrizione temporanea di assistiti non residenti” (downloadable at the bottom of the page) for temporary registration for assistance for non-residents.
It is possible to designate a delegate to receive your documents, by completing MOD02 “Delega per ritiro documenti”.

Once you have these documents, you need to present them at an office in the healthcare zone where you are living. To determine the correct healthcare office you should go to, check the map at the following link.
For students living in the zone of Veronetta, the relevant office is in Via Poloni, near polo Zanotto.
Sergio Cau