Purchasing Group

Our group supports the university departments and offices by providing timely and effective purchase management, from accounting to assisting with the negotiation process. Specifically, we oversee:
  • Research of potential suppliers, evaluating the possible supply methods and collecting offers from different suppliers.
  • Management of the purchase requests sent by various university units – combining the purchase requirements within the same order or contract whenever possible.
  • Expense planning process for the categories of purchases each unit is responsible for – by collecting, analysing and periodically reviewing purchase requirements.
  • Preparation of supply agreements and supply contracts to cover planned needs.
  • Purchase procedures for amounts over €40,000.
  • Purchase orders are entered into the system and data is transparent.
  • Drafting of administrative acts and the legal verification of financial elements.
Antonella Merlin
Via Paradiso 6 - 37129 Verona


Elenco degli Operatori Economici dell’Università di Verona.
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