Technical and logistics

We manage and develop the university’s entire building portfolio

Our office creates, maintains and supervises the physical structures of the university, helping to develop the buildings according to a multi-year plan.
The main responsibility of our office is to draw up the university’s multi-year building plan and ensure it is carried out in accordance with the relevant regulations. We also determine the priorities and time frames within the planning phases.
We have our own technical staff who work with contractors to make sure works are carried out in a satisfactory manner. We supervise the implementation and management of restructuring work and all the ordinary and extra maintenance of the university buildings, ensuring the relevant logistic and insurance requirements are met.
In consideration of the procurement regime, our office also plans and manages the entire flow of purchases of goods and services for the university. For this purpose, we interact with all the individual university structures and the relevant administration services. We also coordinate the relevant purchasing policies, striving for unambiguous policies and economies of scale.

Our office has four teams with technical and legal support staff who work with the Procurement Unit:
  • Buildings
  • Logistics
  • Maintenance
  • Purchasing
Elena Nalesso
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