Performance and Directional Control Office

We provide the university’s decision-making bodies with information and predictions.
Our office collaborates with the university's political management and general management in strategic decision-making. We also support the university's quality assessment activities.
The Management Control and Directional Reporting Unit provides indicators that, thanks to the use of the data warehouse, help understand how the university’s performance evolves over time in terms of teaching, research and administrative services, both by analysing historical and prospective data and by comparing with other universities nationally and internationally.
We also coordinate the MIUR three-year plans, developing indicators and tools to help allocate resources to our teaching and research groups, as well as developing the university’s performance indicators. This activity aims to define the university’s position among national and international universities and oversee initiatives on performance and good practice.
Quality assurance, which is conducted by the Quality and Assessment unit, was established when the concept of assessing the quality of teaching, research and services was introduced into universities. Our team helps the university with the internal monitoring of teaching, research and organisational performance, as well as monitoring to ascertain if transparency obligations are met. Lastly, we help develop the university’s quality assurance system for teaching, research and third mission activities, assisting the university’s Presidium of Quality and collaborating with all the departments and offices.

Stefano Fedeli
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