IT and Communications

We oversee the IT system and promote technological developments that help the university become more digital.

Our office aims to define, integrate and rationalise the university IT system and introduce technological innovations to improve services, especially for teaching and student support.
Thus, on one hand we manage the entire university IT system, and on the other hand, we introduce, promote and test all the technologies that could increase the digitalisation of processes used by different departments and offices.
Our computer systems staff ensure the university IT system runs smoothly at all times. This team keeps the system updated, monitors the running of the system and prepares all the procedures necessary to guarantee its reliability.
The networking team is responsible for creating, implementing and managing service networks. We introduce, promote and install new hardware and software to ensure the connectivity of the networks themselves, while following the most advanced security standards.
The information systems team aims to introduce applications or automation processes in response to specific requests from users. Our staff draw up dedicated projects to fulfil these requests while taking account of the organisational and technological implications.
Lastly, our office has a services team which mans the virtual Help Desk, providing assistance to the whole university, whether in person or remotely, to resolve all the kinds of questions and problems that such an intricate IT network might entail.

Thus, our office’s teams are dedicated to:

  • Administration and accounting
  • Computer Systems Group
  • Information Systems Group
  • Networking group
  • Services Group
Giovanni Bianco
Valerio Paiusco
Via dell’Artigliere 19 - 37129 Verona

Persone in staff

Stefano Cailotto
External collaborator
+39 045 802 7062
Marco Cerpelloni
Technical-administrative staff
+39 045 802 8978


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