Prevention and Protection Services Group

Our group assists the Rector in supervising, managing and checking all the activities that may affect the health and safety of workers and students. We are responsible for:
  • Identifying risk factors, assessing the risks and developing health and safety measures in the workplace. Subsequently, we prepare and update the Risk Assessment Document.
  • Developing preventive and protective measures for workers’ health and the related safety procedures.
  • Advising workers on correct working procedures and what to do in emergencies.
  • Promoting training and information on health and safety at work, proposing and providing training courses for workers and students.
  • Environmental protection services. Specifically, we oversee the collection, transport and disposal of special waste and help workers apply the correct procedures for classifying and packaging waste.
  • We assist the qualified expert in fulfilling administrative obligations concerning staff exposed to radiation, identifying prevention and protection measures to be adopted in monitored and controlled areas and managing the dosimetry service.
  •  Together with the qualified expert, we organise training courses and information about protection from radiation.

Servizi gestiti da Prevention and Protection Services Group

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