Planning, Organisation, Evaluation and Development Unit


This unit is responsible for:

  • Managing planning procedures for university staff, including simulating scenarios to understand the financial impact of these decisions.
  • Managing and monitoring “staff points” and checking the limits for staff expansion.
  •  Analysing and monitoring the cost of staff, defining the allocations for the university budget.
  • Preparing reports on the staff workforce.
  • Carrying out organisational planning and analyses, workflow analyses and any resulting proposals for structural reorganisation.
  •  Monitoring the roles, duties and levels of responsibility of managerial staff and technical and administrative staff.
  •  Mapping and updating the organisational and specialist positions of managerial, technical and administrative staff.
  •  Monitoring, managing and updating systems to measure and assess staff in terms of position and performance.
  •  Analysing gaps in professional skills and providing a multi-year training plan for managerial, technical and administrative staff.
  •  Managing training and professional development for managerial, technical and administrative staff.


Pasqualinda Altomare
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