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Professional and administrative support for services, departments, teaching and research staff with regard to the allocation and management of research funds. Procedural support as concerns the presentation and management of contracts relating to international projects for research funding. Management of research funds granted by the University, MUR (PRIN, FIRB, Young Researchers, Research Allocations) and other public and private organizations. The promotion, organization and management of research doctorates as well as doctoral schools. The protection and development of intellectual property rights by consultation of University patents. The transfer of technology and advice concerning spin offs. Support and guidance for University services that promote relations with the world of commerce. The creation and revision of a research register by way of initiating the “Research Catalogue” project.

Info and Contacts

National and International PhD Programmes
E-mail:  dottorati|ricerca*ateneo|univr|it <== Replace | with . and * with @ to have the right email address.
Telephone:  045 802 8608/8092

Liaison Office
E-mail:  sviluppo|ricerca*ateneo|univr|it <== Replace | with . and * with @ to have the right email address.
Telephone:  045 802 8357

Research Project Planning and Reporting
E-mail:  gabriella|monaco*univr|it <== Replace | with . and * with @ to have the right email address.
Telephone:  045 802 8660

Internal responsibility

Research Project Planning and Reporting
Orientation for university researchers concerning the opportunities available for local, national European and international financing of research. Assistance with regards to the preparation and presentation of project proposals to be sent to financial institutions. Management of administrative accounting and reporting on the projects.

National and International PhD Programmes
The PhD Office: - Coordinates the administrative organization of the Verona University Graduate Schools and Programmes; - Gives information and support to Italian and foreign doctoral candidates concerning the admission and selection procedures; - Manages the PhD student careers and their financial support (PhD scholarships); - Organizes the final exams for the release of the Philosophy Doctor Degree and the title of Doctor Europaeus; - Provides administrative help for internationalization acts including “cotutelle de thèse”, and establishment of joint doctoral programmes. - is responsible for all the administrative procedures related to the conferring of research grants (Assegni di Ricerca).

Liaison Office
Our mission is to foster commercial investment in the development of inventions and discoveries flowing from scientific research. We do this through:

- negotiating IP (intellectual property) in contract and collaborative research
- licensing of the IP resulting from our research
- raising awareness of the value of IP to increase social and economic benefits to society

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