International Incoming students (Medicine)


Planning to study at out school of Medicine?

If you are a student taking part in an international mobility programme, you can choose the University of Verona as your Host University.

Please check the website of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs regularly for updates and information on the measures currently in force and any possible restrictions for foreign travellers as a result of the Covid-19 pandemics.

The mobility period may take place in one of the following ways:
• in person/on site: the teaching and learning activities take place in the destination country, with the student physically present, or attending remotely while staying in the destination country;
• blended mobility: the teaching and learning activities take place both remotely with the student attending from home, and on site in the destination country;
• virtual mobility (remotely/online only): the teaching and learning activities only take place remotely, with the student attending from their country of residence without them needing to travel to the destination country in person.

Please check the Info for Students web page regularly for updates on teaching and learning activities at the University of Verona.
You will also need to inform the International Office at the University of Verona in good time of the type of mobility that you wish to undertake, in agreement with your own University.

Internationalization Referent for the School of Medicine: Professor Maria Romanelli (mariagrazia|romanelli*univr|it)

Before arrival

Mobility administrative office for Incoming Students :

We recommend that you find out more about the regulations in force, any obligations linked to Covid-19 preventive measures (e.g. obligation to be tested before departure and/or undertake a period of quarantine once in Italy) before leaving your country.
In any case, you should check out the regulations currently in force for foreign citizens in Italy by filling out the relevant questionnaire on the Italian government’s website:

Please always remember to inform our International Office of the date of your arrival in Verona, and book an appointment to register at the University of Verona.

Once in Verona

Mobility administrative office for Incoming Students :
The office is located in Via S. Francesco 22 - Stairs A - First Floor OF Chiostro San Francesco
Reception only by appointment.


Tutorato mobilità internazionale - Medicina


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