Bachelor's degree in Foreign Languages and Literatures

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(L-11) - Undergraduate degree in modern languages and cultures
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The Bachelor's degree in Foreign Languages and Literatures aims to form graduates with a high level of linguistic competency (C1) in at least two languages and their respective literatures, as well as basic linguistic abilities in at least one more foreign language. Students will study Italian literature with an introduction to comparative studies of historical and geographical subject areas in relation to the chosen curriculum. The programme also includes artistic, philological and critical disciplines, linguistics and language teaching. The Bachelor in Foreign Languages and Literatures prepares students for employment opportunities in posts that require the ability to manage the processes and techniques of operating in the field of cultural services (librarians and archivists, consultants to departments of culture and the arts and/or other cultural entities, etc.) as well as the translation of literary texts and multimedia. Graduates can alternatively complete the procedures and state exams for teacher certification to work as school teachers. Other possible career positions include: linguists and philologists, professors of literary studies, art history, history, philosophy, pedagogy and psychology, foreign language instructors and museum employees.

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