Anne Kruijt

Anne Kruijt

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I currently work as a researcher (RTD-A) in the AlpiLinK: German-Romance Language Contact in the Italian Alps: documentation, explanation, participation project, funded by the PRIN 2022 (P.I. Prof. Rabanus). Previously, I worked in the VinKo project, a crowdsourcing project on the linguistic description of the non-standard language varieties spoken in Trentino-South Tyrol and Veneto. The VinKo project has a strong 'terza missione' aspect and aims to engage the general public by instant retribution of the collected data material and active involvement with the data collection, e.g. via the subproject VinKiamo, an ongoing collaboration with Venetan high schools. 

During my PhD, I focused on the description and analysis of case systems of the non-standard language varieties of Trentino-South Tyrol and Veneto with a specific focus on the case systems of personal pronouns and definite articles. I was part of the Digital Humanities Project of Excellency of the University of Verona, and collected the data for my research online via the VinKo project crowdsourced linguistic questionnaires. 

My research interests include language documentation, linguistic description, morphology, and innovative online methodologies for linguistic elicitation and (remote) fieldwork. I also have a strong interest in the issues surrounding language endangerment, loss and revitalization of minority languages across the world, and with a specific interest in Northern Italy and East Africa.

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