Area Pianificazione e Controllo Direzionale

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Area of responsibility

Quality and Assessment
Support for the activities of the Assessment Group, as regards both the fulfilment of institutional responsibilities as foreseen by the MiUR (Ministry of Education for Universities and Research) and the CNVSU (National Committee for the Assessment of Universities), as well as other initiatives undertaken independently concerning the assessment of the University’s work in didactics, research and administration. Support for activities by the University Committee for Didactic Self-assessment and the development of self-assessment of the CdS. Secretarial responsibilities, arranging reports, collecting and elaborating data as well as completing inquiries ad hoc.

Financial controlling - Reporting Systems and Data Storage
Implementation of the IT system which gathers and integrates data concerning financial movements from the accounts department, the management of personnel, services to students, assets, teaching and research. Elaboration and analysis of the economic and financial situation for the Central Administration and Autonomous Centres. Preparation of periodic management reports. Arranging management reports and business instruments in support of administrative decision making with the use of business intelligence instruments. Implementing University Data Storage. Analysing and simulating the progress of strategic variables. Implementing Internal Auditing functions for the assessment and improvement of University control processes.

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