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1-lug-2019 - Ora: 09:00

The objective of the conference "MS-BASED UNTARGETED PROTEOMICS AND METABOLOMICS: CANCER METABOLISM, THERAPEUTIC TARGETS AND BIOMARKERS" is to present the recent advances in the proteomics and metabolomics analyses from cancer metabolism, to therapeutic targets detection and clinic. Proteomics aims at the identification of biomarkers that can help in the diagnosis, prognosis and that can be useful as therapeutic targets.
On the other hand, metabolites are closely related to the phenotypes of living organisms: the metabolomics profiling of biological fluids and cells can help to identify novel therapeutic targets, and can be useful to explain cell metabolism. Among the different metabolites, lipids play a key role in the reprogramming of cancer metabolism.The conference will illustrate several applications of MS-based proteomics and metabolomics analysis to the study of cancer. Different strategies for the discovery of new therapeutic targets in cancer, as well as for study cancer metabolism will be described. Particular attention will be given to the role of lipids in cancer, and to the role of -omics in translational medicine for the screening and stratification of cancer patients.

As post-conference event, the Advanced School "Bioinformatics tools for mass mass-spectrometry based omic data: from pathways reconstruction to multi-omic data integration” will take place, bringing additional scientific value to the event.
The Advanced School is aimed to give advanced education in bioinformatics analysis of omics data to graduate, PhD, post-doc students, and young scientists working in the areas of untargeted proteomics and metabolomics.

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prof. Massimo Donadelli
prof.ssa Daniela Cecconi

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Scuola di Dottorato
Scienze Naturali e Ingegneristiche
Neuroscienze, Biomedicina e Movimento


Program 1st July 2019