Master I in Family Mediation

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The central role of the family as a social group which has an important social mediation role between the sexes and different generations, between nature and culture, between public and private. This central role means that public and third sector organizations, educational, training and welfare bodies all need to develop a new type of sensitivity, aimed at helping people go through the difficult, and in some respects new transitions -related to, for example, separation and divorce- that families must deal with. Even though, as a general rule the family is commonly perceived as being a chiefly private area, an affective unit, more and more fragile and close to disintegration, in fact the majority of Italian families consist of parents and offspring (minors), in a context where the parent-child relationship is the distinctive structure of the family today. The spread of conflictual behaviour - both in families and in other areas of everyday life-means that families must be able to develop strategies designed to contain and/or solve conflicts, to maintain a style of relationship which will not prejudice, above all, the continuity of the parent-child relationship. This first level Master in Family Mediation aims to train professionals and operators who are able to provide back up and support for families during separation and divorce, especially when minors are involved.

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