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The University Library System is divided into two main areas: Humanities-Economics-Law and Medicine-Science-Technology. The University library catalogue (OPAC) contains details of all volumes kept in the 2 central and 36 departmental libraries, and services are automated through the SAB system. Traditional and online materials in the collections of other libraries in the town are included in the main catalogue. The Library System provides access to traditional, electronic and digital materials for the purposes of research, teaching, administration and assessment, as governed by art. 42 of the Statute.

Central Libraries

Arturo Frinzi central library
Site via S. Francesco, 20 37129 VERONA
Telephone 045 8028600 PRIMA ACCOGLIENZA

E. Meneghetti central library - Medicine, Science and Technology
Site Strada Le Grazie, 8 - 37134 VERONA
Telephone +39 045 8027115
Fax +39 045 8027119
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Library Electronic Services
Site Via S. Francesco 20, 37129 Verona
Telephone 045-8028456/8629/7687
Fax 045-8028629

Libraries of Department

Libraries of Centres

Other Libraries

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