GIA University Identity Management system

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Head office Information Techonolgy
To access many online services, you need to have university credentials, which are issued and managed with precise regulations.
These credentials are managed by GIA (Gestione delle Identità di Ateneo - University Identity Management system), which allows access and privileges to the computer system only to the users who have these rights.

At the moment, the GIA-enabled services for students are:

  • Email
  • Cineca ESSE3
  • E-learning

Currently, the GIA-enabled services for teaching staff are:

  • Wireless network (UNIVAIR-OPEN, UNIVAIR WPA2 and Eduroam
  • Email
  • Consultation of pay slips and CUD
  • Access to SSLVPN and VPN NetworkConnect
  • Service Desk (for requesting IT assistance)
  • Titulus
  • OPAC Web for the libraries
  • UniVerSe library research portal
  • Student attendance register
  • E-learning

All services that require access with a user ID and password will be progressively integrated into GIA.

(documentation in progress)

Available documents

General documentation

GIA account validity for graduates - Introduction of the concept of "ALUMNI"
Access to IT services

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