Website information

Website information

Criteria for redesign and navigation of the new website

For any problems or assistance with IT services, contact the Helpdesk.
Helpdesk also deals with e-learning enquiries, management of absences, pay and reporting. In addition, you can request for assistance regarding problems with equipment (including non-IT), telephone services, maintenance of furniture and fittings, porterage or office relocation services.

The technical staff of the university’s IT Service are also available to deal with problems.

The university website is undergoing redevelopment. For any suggestions or problems regarding content structure or visibility, please send an email to sito@ateneo.univr.it or contact one of the staff: Giovanni Cerutti or Marina Boaretto.

New website structure

The university website has a new homepage and new first and second level navigation pages as the result of a redesign project jointly undertaken by the University Communications Office and the IT Service. The site has been adapted to the evolution of web communication and follows models used by the world’s major universities.

The Rector, his Delegates, General Administration, teaching and non-teaching staff have all been involved in the reorganisation of the site. All those responsible for new or revamped pages have worked together in order to adapt the project to specific requirements. We would like to thank all those who have been involved.

Criteria for redesign

The updated website design makes better use of graphics and images. The new style of communication goes beyond simply listing information – it attempts to create a relationship with the user. Communication is more dynamic, attractive and involving. The homepage now features the main news published by Univrmagazine.

Restructuring the site involved re-examining the content of the pages, the information displayed and how the pages are updated. The website is the heart of the university’s communication system, communicating with the academic community both internally and externally. The site does not yet have an intranet, but a lot of information is available only to those with GIA credentials.

Search criteria

Criteri di navigazione

Enhanced user-friendly options mean users can now navigate the site by:

  1. Department/structure as named in the header;
  2. Description in centre of page;
  3. Activities appearing below the central text;
  4. Footers containing links to restricted areas, contacts and information on the site (to conform with freedom of information laws);
  5. Links in the lowest line of each page to other useful sections: teaching, research, international relations, services, seminars, conferences and events.

Welcome pages and visibility of information

Pagine vetrina e specifiche esigenze di visibilità

The welcome pages are an important part of the updated design. Each button leading to another section of the site takes users to a “welcome” page with an introductory text and an attractive image; on the left side of the new page is a list of all the services relating to the subject and other information which can be added to the “highlighted” section; on the right of the page are important new notices and links to documents, information and offices. Some buttons, the so-called “stickers”, click through to temporary notices. The reorganisation of the website has taken account of the extent to which individual departments and university initiatives need to be visible, by adding to the homepage links with special graphics – the so-called “stickers”. To make information as accessible as possible, these “stickers” are reproduced on the individual “welcome” pages. Information relating university events or initiatives will be placed in the homepage highlights above the footer. Information in the “welcome” pages is inserted and updated directly by the relevant office or department. Every page includes a Google map.

The different sections of the new Homepage

  1. University – including information about the central administration, the profile and history of the university, its governance and its relations with local bodies.
  2. University sites
  3. Future Students – for all those considering enrolling at the university
  4. Companies and Organisations
  5. International Relations
  6. Teaching and Courses - a section that can be navigated either by macro area or by course type
  7. Site Map

Redesign phases

First phase: concluded

The following stages have been completed:

  1. New homepage;
  2. Navigation by section;
  3. New welcome pages;
  4. Adaptation of the site according to the new statutory organisation of the university into Departments, School of Medicine and Surgery, Macro-areas and Areas.

Second phase: in progress

The second phase of restructuring is under development and will involve updating the graphics and content of the pages relating to the Departments, Doctorate Schools and the School of Medicine and Surgery.


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