”Phishing” is a type of fraudolent email that attempts to steal a user's credentials (user name and password). The user is urged to open a web page and type in his or her credentials, which are then stolen and used for illegal purposes.

Usually, a phishing email can be spotted as it lures the user to “confirm”, “validate” or “renew” his or her password by clicking on a link. For more information, please read the enclosed presentation.

This page lists phishing email messages, classified by month: If you received one of these messages, please delete them at once.

Click on the following link to find the IT technicians you should refer to:

Phishing: self-defense guide

Per gli ultimi aggiornamenti sul fenomeno phishing e gli attacchi più pericolosi in corso si consiglia di consultare il sito della Polizia Postale all'indirizzo:

Year: 2018

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