Call for applications for pre-admissions and for the awarding of 16 scholarships for non-EU citizens.

The University of Verona hereby announces a public selection for pre-admissions to International Master’s degree programmes for non-EU students holding a foreign academic degree and living outside the European Union. Successful candidates will be provided with a “pre-admission letter” that they will have to submit to the Italian diplomatic authority (Embassy or Consulate) in their home country in order to start the pre-enrolment procedures for their chosen Master’s degree programme at the University of Verona. The University of Verona shall award no. 16 scholarships for top candidates for the 2020-2021 academic year. Eligible candidates are non-EU citizens holding a foreign degree who do not live in the European Union.

Deadline for applications: 31 March 2020, 12:00 pm (Italian time).

Notice for students applying for the international Master's Degree programmes "Economics" and "International Economics and Business Management".
Candidates are advised that, as a result of ministerial regulations recently introduced, those who intend to enrol in the "Economics" and in the "International Economics and Business Management" Master's Degree programmes starting from a.y. 2020/2021 will need to hold an English qualification at CEFR B2 level (or above), or previous degree taught in English. Therefore, candidates who obtain pre-admission to the course, if they currently hold a CEFR B1 level qualification, must obtain a CEFR B2 level qualification (or above) before actually enrolling at the University of Verona.    

As from a.y. 2020/2021 the two degree programmes "Economics" and "International Economics and Business Management" will change their name to "Economics and Data Analysis" and "International Economics and Business". Pre-admission letters issued to students and bearing the previous names, which were used until a.y. 2019/2020, will remain valid.
Data di pubblicazione: 29-apr-2020