Living and studying in Verona

Cost of living and useful information

Student fees

Student fees vary depending on the student’s financial situation and the chosen degree programme. 

  For further information: University Scholarships and Grants.
  For details on student fees: Student fees (taxes, university fees and benefits).

Student fees

ESU residences in Verona

Students can apply for accommodation atESU: accommodation spaces are allocated based on the submission of a successful application, and are a convenient option for students.
Accommodation fees vary from €68 to €196 depending on the rate and room type:

  • Full rate: €85 triple room, €109 double room, €135 single room.
  • Reduced rate: €68 triple room, €87 double room, €108 single room.
  • Standard rate: €121 triple room, €171 double room, €196 single room.

  ESU student residences
  2017/18 room rates 

Private accommodations
Students may also choose to rent a room or a bed space in a shared flat or house. In the city centre of Verona and in the university area of Veronetta (Humanities/Economics/Law Campus) typical rents in private shared flats are as follows:
•    from €200 for a single bed in a double room (shared).
•    from €250 for a single room.
In the area of Borgo Roma (Medical/Scientific campus) i rents are slightly cheaper.
Ads are generally posted on noticeboards at the University, or in specific Facebook groups.

Other types of student accommodation
Collegio Don Mazza also provides accommodation options for students.
Should you need help when looking for accommodation, please contact ISU Verona.


ESU Verona

At the ESU canteens of the University students can benefit from reduced prices, which vary depending on the type of meal, as follows:
•    Mini: from €1.70 to €3.50;
•    Small: from € 2.20 to € 4.60;
•    Full: from € 2.70 to € 5.70.

  ESU Verona canteen service
  Meal prices - 2017/18

Public transport

ESU Verona offers students a contribution for the annual season ticket for urban, suburban and rail transport which can be up to €200 refund.
Some public transport rates in Verona:
•    Urban lines ticket (90 min.): €1.30.
•    Annual urban lines ticket: €320.
•    Suburban lines ticket: from €1.30 to €6 per route depending on the area.
•    Annual suburban lines ticket: from €305 to €620 depending on the area.

  Transport bursary – ESU Verona
  Azienda Trasporti Verona

In Verona there is also a bike sharing service, which for €25 per year allows you to use municipal bicycles free of charge for up to 30 minutes at a time, then return them to the appropriate stations.

 Verona Bike 

Cinemas, theatres and museums: special discounts for students

By showing their university badge or ESU card students can benefit from reduced ticket prices in museums, exhibitions, cinemas and theatres:
•    Cinema ticket for about €5.
•    Theatre ticket for about €3 with ESU a Teatro.
•    Opera Festival at the Arena for €10 withL'Università è all'Opera.
•    reduced tickets for Museums and Monuments in Verona.