Student Services Group

The Student Services Group is responsible for:
  • Managing the administrative side of university admissions, including the admission procedures for limited-entry local and national study programmes, as well as open-entry courses. We assist with checking minimum knowledge requirements, facilitate the registration process and ensure efficient and effective use of classrooms for lectures.
  •  Helping to plan, coordinate and promote activities to guide incoming students; offering degree programme orientation and tutoring; and promoting initiatives for secondary schools, prospective students and their families by organising physical and online events.
  •  Ensuring our university programmes offer equal access to education and that we continually improve the development of student services, not only making sure students facing economic hardship have a chance to study, but also striving to improve the quality of studies for all students.
  •  Ensuring support (including financial aid) is provided for students with disabilities or learning difficulties, aiming to find the most suitable solutions in terms of logistics.
  •  Drafting guidelines and operational procedures for all kinds of internships and work experiences.
  • Promoting agreements with foreign public and private organisations so that students can take on internships abroad.
  •  Providing support to all the institutions and organisations that are interested in developing international relations, encouraging international lecturers at the university and connections with different internal and external contacts.
Giovanni Fiorini
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