Accounting Group for Humanities

Our group provides accounting services to support the departments and independent centres of the Humanities area. We are specifically involved in taking care of:
  • Registration and settlement of passive invoices and general outgoing invoices, provided the orders are tracked with the delivery of goods or service delivery document.
  • Missions, including registration and payment.
  • Compensation, including registration and payment.
  • Reimbursements, including registration and payment.
  • Revenue management (donations, contributions, project revenue), including modifications to the budget.
  • Invoices, including registration, issuing, budget changes and collections.
  • Research projects, including inclusion in the procedure and budget modifications.
  • Economic funds, including registration and reinsertion.
  • Inventories, including registering goods and issuing loading/unloading vouchers.
  • Issuing payment and collection orders for the costs and revenues under our responsibility and handling foreign non-SEPA payments.
Gabriella Vinco
Via S.Francesco 22 Verona