Distance learning (pre-recorded lectures) - Info for Students

E-learning Technology Team

The University of Verona has a number of advanced e-learning tools managed by the (E-learning Technology Team  (Tecnologie Innovative per la Didattica, or TID), which is part of the SIT Head Office. 

Panopto is the video content management system (VCMS) adopted by the University for the recording and management of videos and related multimedia contents. Through Panopto each student can easily access the pre-recorded lectures available for their degree programme. 



Should you experience problems logging into Moodle to access pre-recorded lectures, please log into the PANOPTO portal by using your GIA login details. Then you will be able to access the video contents by browsing through the folders available for your modules (click on ‘Browse’) (VIDEO TUTORIAL – duration 1:22 min)

How to use the Service

Are you enrolled in a degree programme? (Bachelor's and Master’s degree programmes, Single cycle/Combined Bachelor+Master’s degree programmes)
Are you enrolled in a Professional Master's programme or Advanced course?
Are you enrolled in a PhD programme?
Are you enrolled in a Postgraduate medical specialisation programme?

Lectures available via distance learning

Based on the recommendations of their Teaching Committee, each lecturer will inform their students about the teaching methods they intend to use to deliver the lectures (via online streaming, pre-recorded lectures or in-person/on-site lectures). Please check the web page of your degree programme - see section ‘Bacheca Avvisi’ (Notices) - for updated information.


Information and technical support

Should you need further information or technical support, please contact the IT Service Desk at your Department.


Departmental IT Service Desks:  

IT Service Desk - Science and Engineering 

email: gdl.scientifico@ateneo.univr.it

phone: +39 0458027000

IT Service Desk - Law and Economics  

email: gdl.economia@ateneo.univr.it

phone: +39 045 802 8511

IT Service Desk - Humanities 

email: gdl.umanistico@ateneo.univr.it

IT Service Desk - Life and Health Sciences  

email: gdl.medico@ateneo.univr.it

phone: +39 045 8027103