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We can think of contemporaneity as a space that we must never stop looking for in the time we are living.

A space for which we are called to find new ways to inhabit it, words to describe it, visions to imagine it. A movement that, pushing us forward, challenges us to find keys to understand its darker aspects, but also its enormous potential.

The creation of new words for the future seemed to us a fruitful way of responding to this challenge, and maintaining the tension existing between the concept of contemporaneity and the present time through words capable not only of measuring time and the changes we are witnessing, but also of enabling us to move into new and uncharted territories.

The keywords explored in the videos below (in Italian) engage in a dialogue with the works of the Contemporanee/Contemporanei exhibition with the aim of recomposing the areas of light and shadow through which our experiences take shape. By redefining shapes and contrasts, these words allow us to get a glimpse of new possible geographies of what the world of tomorrow will be like.

Videos will be published on Wednesdays at 11 am on this web page, and shared on Facebook at 6 pm.
Talks are conducted by Nicola Turrini, Research Fellow in Philosophy at the Department of Human Sciences.


30 settembre

Federico Leoni
Docente di Antropologia filosofica, Dipartimento di Scienze Umane

Masashi Echigo (Toyama, 1982)
Apologue, 2010
tecnica mista / mixed technique , 70x130x140 cm
Courtesy Sereni photo



Olivia Guaraldo
Docente di Filosofia politica, Dipartimento di Scienze Umane



14 ottobre

Massimo Natale
Docente di Letteratura italiana, Dipartimento di Culture e Civiltà

Giulio Frigo (Arzignano, 1984)
Mimesi², 2011
plastilina, grafite, nylon / plasticine, graphite, nylon - dimensioni variabili
Courtesy Sereni photo


21 ottobre

Roberto Giacobazzi
Docente di Informatica, Dipartimento di Informatica

Loris Cecchini (Milano, 1969)
Waterbones, 2015 
Acciaio, 100 elementi - 145x250x120 cm
Courtesy Sereni photo


17 June

Riccardo Panattoni 
Professor of Ethics and Psychoanalysis, Department of Human Sciences  

Emanuele Becheri (Prato, 1973)
Rilascio, 2006
carta copiativa, carta, cristallo, legno / kraft paper, paper, Plexiglas, wood.
290x160x7 cm
Courtesy Sereni photo

  Video presentation by Raffaele Tognolini


24 June

Valerio Terraroli 
Professor of Contemporary Art History, Department of Cultures and Civilizations

David Adamo (Rochester, 1979)
Untitled, 2011
legno di cedro / Cedar wood. 
245x30x30 cm.
Courtesy Sereni photo

Giovanni Morbin (Valdagno, 1956)
...after Szeemann, 2014
Aspirapolvere Vorwerk Kobold 120, polvere / Vorwerk Kobold 120 vacuum cleaner, dust.
75x35x75 cm
Courtesy Sereni photo


1 July

Nicola Pasqualicchio 
Professor of Performing Arts, Department of Cultures and Civilizations

Pierre Bismuth (Neuilly-sur-Seine, 1963)
Inseguendo la Mano Destra (Monica Vitti ne L'Eclisse di Antonioni), 2003
pennarello nero indelebile su plexiglass incorniciato con firma speculare / black marker pen on plexiglass framed with a mirror-image signature, 57 x 79 cm
Courtesy Sereni phot

Étienne Chambaud (Mulhouse, 1980) 
La Danse, 2009-2011
collage su carta / collage on paper, 29x36x3,5 cm
Courtesy Sereni photo


8 July

Markus Ophælders 
Professor of Aesthetics, Department of Human Sciences

Ivan Moudov (Sofia, 1975)
Performing Time, 2012
video HD, sonoro / HD Video, sound, 23h 15’   
Courtesy Sereni photo

  Video presentation by Angelica Rivetti