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Student e-mail service:
POPS server: mail.studenti.univr.it porta: 995
IMAP server: mail.studenti.univr.it porta:993
SMTPS server: mail.studenti.univr.it (password access only) porta: 465
Webmail: https://webmail.studenti.univr.it


ESSE3, From 28 January 2010 a new domain e-mail system has been introduced along with a new Student Career management service @studenti.univr.it.

The following operations have been conducted.

IMPORTANT - Access credentials have been brought in line with the new system ESSE3, detailed information can be found at the following page

The system has been updated for teaching staff and technical/administrative staff and can be reached through the following link
webmail.studenti.univr.it (via browser)
mail.studenti.univr.it (via client postale - protocolli smtps/imaps/pop3s)
For access use nuova USERID (e.g. id012345 o idlt012345) and password.

To configure alternative identity To send messages the student can use the following sending addresses:
(es. vr012345@studenti.univr.it)

(e.g. paolo.rossi@univr.it; first name.surname_#@studenti.univr.it, "#" representing a number in the case of two students with the same name, e.g. paolo.rossi_1@studenti.univr.it)

For students with new access credentials ESSE3 the system accepts mail from all previous addresses

The e-mail system allows MAIL FORWARDING to private e-mail addresses


  • Because this is the system the University uses to communicate with students
  • Because information is automatically sent to this address regarding:
    1. Enrolment in exams
    2. Cancellations/changes to exam dates
    3. Recording of exam results (you can know when a mark has been officially registered in your student career)
  • You can keep up to date with events through the University Newsletter!
  • If you have asked for help with other online services we will only reply to this address

The student agrees to abide by the following rules of the Internet community (“Netiquette”, or Network Etiquette):

  • Students must read messages with a certain frequency (at least twice a week is advised) given that the service is one of the official channels of communication between them and the University;
  • at each connection students must download mail and delete it from the server in order to maximize storage capacity on the server;
  • the size of files sent as attachments must be within the limits defined in the Technical Rules; as space on the server is limited, sending large numbers of files could overload the system and prevent the reception of new messages;
  • the service is to be used only for official University business as established by the GARR network access regulations stated in the Technical Rules;
  • do not send chain letters, even those for good causes, as they lead to an unnecessary increase in network traffic;
  • when sending messages to large numbers of addresses respect the limits stated in article 6 of the Technical Rules .

Regulations and further documents are available at www.univr.it/main.

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