Enrolment in single courses

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The University has a commitment to continuing learning and to promoting studies as an extension of previously completed degree programmes. Graduates who are not currently enrolled in a University degree course can follow single courses from undergraduate or postgraduate programmes and sit for the normal end of course exam. Attendance is not compulsory and enrolment does not confer normal student status, with the rights and duties that this entails. Those enrolled, however, will have the benefit of the various services normally associated with a taught course (the opportunity to talk to teachers, to do extra exercises, to use libraries etc.) Single courses can also be taken by those with only final school qualifications, but it is not possible for students currently enrolled in full degree courses to enrol for single courses. N.B. Enrolment must be made before the teaching period begins and must be approved by the department involved. ENROLMENT PROCEDURES FOR SINGLE COURSES: Forms must be handed in to the Student Secretary’s Office of the Faculty of Education – 1st floor, Chiostro, Via S.Francesco, 22. --- > for further information: claudia.natali@univr.it --- > public opening hours: Mon., Wed. and Fri. 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. EXAM ENROLMENT: for on-line exam enrolment go to https://www.ssol.univr.it/main?ent=login

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