Master I in Early Childhood and Movement: Development from 0-6 years old

Information for the academic year 2017/2018

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admission test, limited number
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Min. 10 - Max. 100 
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Dec 15, 2017  
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In this Masters course, participants learn how to work with children from 0-6 years old using innovative, professional, evidence-based methods. Graduates of the course will be able to design and implement physical activities as well as qualitative and quantitative surveys in different areas (e.g. didactic, technical and methodological) of motor development in early childhood. They will be able to combine research and practice to develop targeted education through physical activity, while also giving due importance to the role of teachers and families.
The internship, the development of a project that could be presented at a school, sports club or local private or public institution, and the preparation of a final report in the form of a poster with public discussion will be integrated into the course in a personalised way through online activities and direct supervision by the scientific committee.
The course will guide participants to become innovative professionals who can: i) design and implement motor development activities for the 0-6 year old age group, based on their knowledge and scientifically researched methods; ii) communicate with children and their parents and successfully conduct group activities; iii) transform the skills acquired into productive activities.
The course uses blended learning, with compulsory attendance for at least 70% of the activities carried out face to face or online.

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Short Master Programs (postgraduate)
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