Interuniversity Combined Bachelor's + Master's degree in Primary School Education in Padua (head campus: Verona)

Information for the academic year 2014/2015

(LM-85 bis) - Classe della laurea magistrale a ciclo unico in Scienze della formazione primaria
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Learning outcomes

  • Verona course coordinator: Prof Alberto Agosti
  • Verona teaching staff: Prof Paola Dusi and Prof Claudio Girelli
Course objectives
This five-year degree in Primary School Education Studies is the only one of its kind in the entire Veneto region. It has a shares a common study programme with training for pre-school and primary school teachers. Students will acquire disciplinary, psycho-pedagogical, educational, relational and organisational skills related to classroom management and processes of teaching and learning. They will also acquire computer skills and English language competency up to B2 level.
The curriculum is made up of core modules and specific modules in areas 1 and 2. Core modules provide basic knowledge of the teaching profession and include pedagogy, psychology, didactics and sociology. Area 1 modules include linguistics, literature, history geography, mathematics, science (physics, chemistry and natural sciences), physical education, visual arts and music. Area 2 modules relate to face to face teaching to encourage the acceptance of students with disabilities, especially: teaching for special needs, clinical psychology, developmental psychology, educational psychology, legal, health and hygiene issues. Attendance is compulsory for workshops and internships, which are an integral part of the curriculum.
Specialisation in teaching support for students with disabilities: At the end of the five-year programme, students have the option to take a one-year specialisation course to become qualified in teaching students with disabilities.
This degree enables graduates to teach in pre-schools and primary schools.

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Single cycle teacher training degree course
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