Master’s degree in Corporate Economics and International Markets (Vicenza)

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(LM-56) - Classe delle lauree magistrali in scienze dell'economia
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The Master Degree in Economics of International Markets and Firms is designed for postgraduate students willing to improve their knowledge and acquire expertise in the fields of international businesses and economics. The Master builds on a balanced syllabus of teachings in economics, business, law and mathematics with special attention to their international bearings.
Lecturing is held at the Vicenza branch of the University of Verona and is framed in such a way as to provide comprehensive analytical learning and specific skills demanded by a large number of exporting firms whose headquarters are located in Italy.
The first year of the Master programme focuses primarily on international trade and international macroeconomics, while also discussing in depth some substantive features of business management and international marketing. Complementary courses in international law, finance and mathematics complete the first year programme.
Second year teaching concentrates on the management of globalized firms.
The students are encouraged to improve their knowledge of the English language. Both the reading lists and front lectures make an extensive use of English.
The successful completion of the Master programme will enable students to acquire managerial skills necessary to firms engaged in the international arena.

In the academic years 2012/2013 and 2013/2014 part of the courses will be taught in English language



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