Bachelor's degree in Organisational Training

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(L-19) - Undergraduate degree in education and training studies (L-24) - Classe delle lauree in scienze e tecniche psicologiche
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n. 204 posti per comunitari e non comunitari regolarmente residenti in Italia di cui alla legge 30 luglio 2002, n. 189, art. 26;
n. 20 posti per non comunitari non compresi nella legge 30 luglio 2002, n. 189, art. 26; n. 1 posti per studenti di nazionalità cinese. 
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Sep 11, 2014  - Hours 1:00 PM  
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Sep 23, 2014  - Hours 3:00 PM  

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This Bachelor's degree in Organisational Training proposes to develop in a cohesive fashion basic knowledge and competencies in psychology and pedagogy for a diversity of disciplinary fields, in order to build the essential foundations for various forms of professional development aimed at a wide range of applications concerned with learning and the education of adults. The course aims to develop the capacity to ready and analyse learning needs and to supply resources for the management of suitable designed for the individual, group, or organisations (in an institutional, local or community context, public and private organisations, profit and non-profit organisations, services). The development of knowledge and competencies can be drawn from two areas: - competencies concerning educational planning and thus the analyses of demand as well as of needs, the development of appropriate educational programmes relevant to the objectives, content and setting, methods, materials, roles, while building systems of evaluation in order to assess the achievement of objectives concerning individual development and organisational change as proposed by the training program; - competencies concerning education in the classroom as well as outside the classroom, in a group as well as individually; taking on the role of teacher and managing educational relationships; taking on the role of guide and controlling the processes of change; using the opportunities offered by the technology of distance education such as web-training. The professional opportunities are characterized by competencies relevant to a number of professional contexts: a) public and private institutions in the services field; b) educational institutions and agencies, recognized institutions and cooperatives involved in production as well as services in the fields of social work and education; c) non-profit organisations and establishments.

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