Bachelor's degree in Education

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(L-19) - Undergraduate degree in education and training studies
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n. 429 posti per comunitari e non comunitari regolarmente residenti in Italia di cui alla legge 30 luglio 2002, n. 189, art. 26;
n. 20 posti per non comunitari non compresi nella legge 30 luglio 2002, n. 189, art. 26;
n. 1 posti per studenti di nazionalità cinese. 
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Sep 23, 2014  - Hours 10:00 AM  

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The Bachelor's degree in Education aims to offer an articulated framework of knowledge and competencies approached from a number of angles (personal, cultural, social and the like), relevant to professions within the field of education. With this objective in mind the course will make reference to those disciplines considered essential to the development of professionals with a solid foundation, which includes theoretical, epistemological, and methodological principals as well as an operative orientation relevant to issues in education. The course proposes to encourage the acquisition of what is necessary to favour the processes of the development of the person in various social and cultural contexts by means of the elaboration, realisation and assessment of coherent and compatible educational projects, characterized by intentionality and continuity. The role that the undergraduate course aims at is one of a professional operating with people of various ages, by way of creating and completing educational projects that favour processes leading to personal integration and fulfilment as well as facilitating full participation in society. From this perspective the educator needs to operate with reference to interpersonal relations, group dynamics and family dynamics, cultural and social settings, as well as the organisation of services in the field of education. More specifically, the educator: - plans and implements interventions in educational settings as well as accompanies the life long process of learning and cultural integration; - takes initiatives while recognizing and enhancing the value of human and cultural resources present in the various contexts in favour of individuals in a multitude of life situations and conditions; - operates in problematic situations of unease, marginalisation and deviance such as those regarding the disabled, immigrants, senior citizens while knowing to recognize in each individual the resources that can be tapped; - carries out tasks of accompanying, orienting and supporting the education of minors within scholastic settings; - operates in nursery schools and in kindergartens; - works as an expert concerning issues regarding young children and preadolescents by training and giving support to parents.

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