Bachelor's degree in Social Work

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(L-39) - Undergraduate degree in social services
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n. 50 posti per comunitari e non comunitari regolarmente residenti in Italia di cui alla legge 30 luglio 2002, n. 189, art. 26;
n. 5 posti per non comunitari non compresi nella legge 30 luglio 2002, n. 189, art. 26;
n. 1 posti per studenti di nazionalità cinese. 
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Aug 20, 2014  
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The course is aimed at the preparation of qualified social workers with the following competencies, knowledge and abilities: a) a suitable knowledge of the foundations of social work; b) mastery of the methods and techniques relevant to social services; c) practical and operative competencies related to surveying and dealing with social malaise that concerns individuals, groups and communities; d) good team work abilities; e) a good ability to relate the performance of a specific service to a more general cultural, economic, and social context within the community; f) the capacity to effectively utilize, in both a written and oral form, at least one European Union language other than Italian within the specific professional context of exchanging general information; g) a suitable competence and the use of appropriate means for the communication and management of information in general as well as regarding civil rights issues; h) the ability to contextualize within a political and social framework the means of social intervention. In order to guarantee the achievement of these objectives the University of Verona has chosen to continue in the path taken in the 1950s by favouring subjects about social service in relation to other Italian issues, and by making certain that these courses will be taught by social workers with a high level of experience and competence. The same attention has been given to the teaching of law as regards the foundations of social services.

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